The Great British “break” off.

As a nation we have been faced with a dilemma troubling the majority of bake-off lovers … (disclosure) … bake off has now been confirmed and is moving to Channel 4. Yes Channel 4, what does this even mean ? although we still get our annual episode of a gingerbread makeover and the dilemma of an under proved bread, we will now be faced with the monstrous 900 seconds worth adverts, that’s correct 15 minutes of adverts meaning less time to internally cry for our favorite contestant when their cherry red piping ends up mahogany.

I am currently writing this post whilst watching Bake Off and to the small percentage who aren’t bake-off fans ( like seriously how can you not be ?) will not understand how truly upsetting the move will be. Although it is confirmed that Sue and Mel will no longer be moving with Bake Off to channel 4, already means the C4 bake off is set to crumble and no, not in a nice rhubarb and custard way. As the humorous duo will probably replaced with the likes of Davina McCoy who in every episode will be like “Bake off tent, this is Davina” and probably Chris Evans because he’s just everywhere(not confirmed)… so yes they will be no corny sexual innuendos. . . – long cry –  It was the power of Sue and Mel who had engaged me in the history of cakes, biscuits and some foreign delicacy in the history section of the show and the only other person who could do as good a job would be David Attenborough. So yes good luck Channel 4 because without Sue and Mel all you have bought is a tent.

On a more serious note, it’s a shame the whole thing was over money really as it really shows the true color of Love Productions as Bake Off’s home will always be CHANNEL 1! So don’t be surprised when bake-off will be filled with Stawberry Jam sob stories and no longer be the light and fluffy show it has always been. Although I am writing off the show before it even begins, I just see no hope with the new show as I feel like it wouldn’t rise to high expectations many of us have.

Well one thing we know for a fact, is this is a very bad year for David Cameron because although BREXIT ruined him, his resignation was less cared about than the baking show switching networks,  proving how much the British people adore Bake off and CAKE.So lets ‘hopefully’ remain merry with our Mary and Paul and hope they don’t go too, as what will we do without her comments on having a ‘SOGGY BOTTOM’? . Can you picture 8 out of 10 cats doing some kind of version off Bake Off because I can… I’m just going to stop before I get sad because all I want to do now is eat a slice of Victoria sponge, a little slice of a carrot cake and maybe a macaroon because why the f*** not.



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