Slow MØ !

You know how it is, when you’ve been listening to an artist/album for sooooo long and you just accept that you won’t see them because there’s no chance in hell, they’ll ever come to a city close to you. Yep, that’s exactly what it was like for with ‘No Mythologies to follow’.


Two Years ago, my ears were introduced to the voice which was MØ and instantly I loved it, I was bored with the typical song produced by Little Mix  or the one hit wonder which was Carly Rae Jepson and this was in my deep Lana Del Rey phase, where everything was like emotion, grunge and paradise. Therefore, I ventured out wanting to find an artist where the album was able to simply say ‘no fucks given’. Then there she was my Danish artist (the only danish artist I know) MØ popping out of no where, giving me an album full of pure energy, colour and crazyness … 3 adjectives which represent moi. Therefore, this time 3 years ago I gradually became obsessed with the songs ‘waste of time’,’slow love’, ‘don’t wanna dance’ and ‘Glass’ and legit were played on loop, especially because there were so convenient as they had the upbeat tempo that I could go on a jog too … awks how running and any other form of exercise is at the bottom of my list. Basically back to the point, once MØ whose name I still fail to pronounce became recognized with hit songs like ‘Lean On’ ‘Final Song’ and Cold water’ and then released her tour dates, one being Birmingham, I screamed … legit.

This was all like 6 months ago and I just forced my friends (who’m particular would press skip on this genre of music to come with me, as although I would have gone by myself, sometimes you just need to drag people along and switch their normal routine up a bit. So yeah, it ended up being a very different night out, 1. we lost a debit card. 2.We took boomerangs next to a graffiti(ed) tiger (I know graffitied isn’t a word but I’ll make it one). 3. Debated for about 2 minutes whether the supporting band (Nimmo) were male or female but either way they fckin killed it. Whilst at the gig/concert, let’s just say I spent half  of the time having a drink in my hand, half of the time grinding on the ghosts (dancing)  and half of the time trying to engage in eye contact with MØ. We even managed to make friends with 2 people from Gloucester whom we made friends with through complaining about the rain with in the queue, 2 girls who adored Lana Del Rey and were singing Lana’s song in the interval with me and 2 Canadian men, one of whom had a cool beard and a Canadian accent. Then yeah, it was great because I was able to be on the second row to one of my favorite artists and it was even better because the warehouse wasn’t crazy busy and enough for a buzzing, ethereal atmosphere, where you could just close your eyes and truly get into the mojo of things.


Let me say, I left that concert with one sore throat, broke and with the @’s of a few cuties but one thing I love about slightly unknown artists, is that you are able to connect with the audience on a personal level. Like when you’re in 02 Stadium watching Rihanna and you have to squint your eyes to see her, I just don’t see no point. Another thing I love about artists like MØ is that she simply doesn’t give a fuck, she will direct her lyrics to controversial topics and if she wants to jump on the audience, she really will not hesitate to do so ( I was blessed with being able to touch her ankle). I was also happy because I was able to take a selfie with her and she signed both my phone case and my ticket. Legit BAE down to the T.

So yeah, A very good night indeed and lets just say with every song she sang I didn’t want it to be the ‘final song’ (See what I did there).



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