MOSHIng monsters !

Yesterday, I lost my ‘Moshing Virginity’.

It was a completely new and intriguing experience for me. I ventured out of my typical musical comfort zone and into a new indie rock like atmosphere. The event had taken place in my home city (Wolves) and it was only right for the event to have some pun to the city, hence why the event was called ‘Wolftown’.

I really didn’t know what to expect, it’s fair to say in that one day I had been faced with more denim than the whole of 2016 … there was definitely many Britney’s and Justin’s around. I believe clothing wise the aesthetic was that you’re outfit either featured excessive denim, velvet or a chequered, or a mixture of them all ( if you were like INDIE royalty) …I undertook the velvet.

I won’t lie to you, I didn’t have a clue as to what the fuck I was doing. There was 5 bands including a pal’s band ayyyy shoutout to RUNAWAY HOUNDS, whom killed it >>> shout out to Stavs and CO. Who I say in the most unbiased way, legit rocked it … not only were they the first ones on but their songs was definitely able to create some atmosphere. A favorite original song of there’s being ‘Pixels’. The bands were though, 1/2 of them I fail to pronounce but hey ho; I just smiled and jumped.

Can I just say; for a kid who isn’t typically into this genre of music and jumped and screamed to anything … I most definitely probably looked like a monkey than again; I would choose monkey’s over anyone so… let me prepare myself…

Moshing … ? I legit thought it was called Mushing … I believe the name suits a little bit better because I felt like a pea getting mushed to it’s death. Can I just say, this whole ‘Moshing thing’ I would never even get at a Lana Del Rey or pop concert and hence why I appreciate this event; opening my eyes to the craziness which is moshing.

How can we get such a thrill of being thrown into a circle and legit fighting for air in order to breathe ? Why are we made like this ? where the hair of girls finds its way in our face and the sweat of strangers flicked onto us, whilst you recognize a friend and in those few seconds you just look at each other and both are thinking ‘What the fuck are we doing ?’ … and yet we return for more. I was so close to fainting … I can’t.

Yes. That was my experience at a rock concert. Scary, thrilling and very Indie. It was cool, different and a super cute night.